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This is the UTB Board:

President: Senior Master Joe Hernandez, 8th Degree

Vice President: Master James Pressel, 4th Degree

Treasurer: Master Renee Bryce, 5th Degree

Vice Treasurer: Master Seth Winter, 4th Degree

Secretary: Mr. Eric Shepherd, 3rd Degree ( utb1528@yahoo.com )

Vice Secretary: Mr. Tom Seborowski, 3rd Degree

The UTB, Inc. Masters and Black Belt Board has instituted an ACTIVE MEMBER list. All who are included on this list are considered active UTB members who have contributed a minimum annual fee of $20 for the upkeep of UTB administrative duties. At the last UTB Board meeting in the Fall of 2007, the following rules have been established: UTB members who are EMU students pay $20.00 monthly fee. Members in other branches of UTB and/or have additional affiliations pay $20.00 annual dues
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The UTB, Inc., is for Tae Kwon Do martial arts practitioners only. Color belts and Black belts are invited to join regardless of other affiliations. The UTB, Inc. is for all styles of TKD and both the ITF and WTF patterns are practiced.
Professor Eugene A. Humesky, Ph.D., holds a 10th Degree with the UTB/UMAB, Inc.; 9th Degree with the World Chang Moo Kwan; World Ki Do Federation ; United States Karate Association; World Moosul Kwan Federation. He holds a 8th Degree with the ITF-C; and a 8th Degree with the International Sungja-Do Association.

Humesky and Frohriep
Grandmaster Humesky and Master Bill Frohriep -- Summer 2010

The training hall (Dojang) is located at Eastern Michigan University.
The idea of the Universal Tae Kwon Do Brotherhood, Inc. (UTB) was conceived by Grandmaster Humesky as far back as the beginning of the 70's.


"Once I had a dream...a vision..."
The idea of the Universal Tae Kwon Do Brotherhood within its present scope was conceived by Master Eugene A. Humesky, as far back as the beginning of the 70's. The growth and pressing need for an organization which would encompass or be a kind of symbiosis of all the Tae Kwon Do styles in the territory of the U.S.A. was apparent. The organization had to be objective, unbiased, and apolitical.

Embittered by continuous bickering and political intrigues within the Martial Arts circles, and appalled by frequent lack of adherence to the basic ethical tenets of Tae Kwon Do by the Martial Arts media, Master Eugene A. Humesky felt compelled to search for a solution. He saw it in the revival of all the common basic tenets of ethics which were practiced throughout the ages among all true martial artists. After long and careful consideration, Master Eugene A. Humesky presented a proposal for the creation of a new organization before his students. It took several months of thorough research and lengthy discussions, revisions and re-evaluations before the basic tenets of the "Universal Tae Kwon Do Brotherhood" had been formulated and accepted by majority vote. These original rules were summed up in a booklet which was published in 1975. Since then many ideas have been clarified and tested, their formulation has been refined and consolidated. As a result of this combined effort of Master Eugene A. Humesky and his students and instructors, the present revised edition of the U.T.B. bylaws and regulations came into being.

The basic idea behind this organization is the idea of unity within diversity. Just like this great country with its many nationalities, races and creeds unites all by mutual respect and enables them to co-exist and to develop, so should there be one united--UNIVERSAL--Tae Kwon Do uniting all TKD styles and schools. This was the idea which inspired Master Eugene A. Humesky when he reflected on the sad state of affairs within this great Martial Art; many Tae kwon Do styles, schools, organizations, private, self-centered, vying with each other. Instead he visualized one united Tae Kwon Do, incorporating and expressing all the best there is in that Martial Art. Just as there is only one American nation, not German-American or Polish-American, Hungarian-American, Irish-American nation, likewise there is only one Tae kwon Do --not Tae Kwon Do Kwan, Association, Federation, School, Institute, etc. One United -- Universal Tae Kwon Do Brotherhood.

The word "universal" expresses the idea of a "united area of influence and incorporation including and covering the whole either collectively or distributively." The word "Tae Kwon Do" is known to almost everyone today, and the word "brotherhood" implies a very close, intimate, sincere relationship. This kind of relationship should and does exist among members of the U.T.B. This is the Universal Tae Kwon Do Brotherhood, Inc.

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Those who wish to join the UTB/UMAB may do so by going to the MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION PAGE and print it and after filling it out, add a check for $30.00 US for the annual fee and mail it to this address:







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